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Introducing praxis/ai. The most flexible, infinitely customisable platform designed to enable your incredible AI applications to supercharge your business.

By blending thoughtful design with the latest advances in AI, praxis/ai enables your employees to work faster, better and smarter. 





 Where human-centred design meets AI innovation.

We blend the power of AI with deep insights from human-centred design. Our platform bridges the gap between the potential of AI and the actual work your users do everyday. We design AI enabled applications that supercharge your employees by helping them work better, faster and more efficiently.






Secure, private, uniquely yours.

The praxis/ai platform is grounded in your data, which means it learns about your content to make the results relevant and written using the language, terms and concepts of your organisation.




Grounded in Your Data
Fine-tuned on your own data for more relevant results.


Private and Secure
We don't keep any of your data. Your documents are encrypted and deleted once the analysis is complete. 



Internet Connected
Internet connected so you can integrate current data or information from the web.





Your data. Your way. 

We fine-tine our models on your data and for your workflows. This ensures outputs are in your organisation's voice and use your terminology.

Sovereign Data
Use your existing Azure or S3 infrastructure, or utilise our secure storage, certified for Australian Government, Defence, Intelligence and Critical National Industry (CNI) organisations.

Model Agnostic
We support all major LLMs, including GPT-4, Azure, Anthropic and many others.




Learn how praxis/ai can transform your business today.